Some trigger types allow you to configure ingredients. These are parameters that you can set when the trigger is run, such as light brightness, the volume of speakers, or the desired HVAC temperature.

Ingredients are only available for some of the pre-made templates, either because the service doesn't allow for additional parameters to be passed, or because it's a simple action that wouldn't benefit from them. Those pre-made templates that have ingredients already defined will allow you to change the name and the possible values. If your trigger type has a text field, you can have the ingredient automatically inserted into that field when the trigger is run. Just type the ingredient name into the field surrounded by two brackets, like {{Ingredient Name}}.

The IFTTT custom trigger option will allow you to configure multiple ingredients. However, when completing the applet creation on, only some of their actions make sense to use with ingredients. These actions will have text fields with an Add Ingredient button. Similar to the previous example when using templates, this will add the as the field as {{Ingredient1}}. Inserting ingredients through IFTTT applets currently only supports using numbered ingredients, like Ingredient1, not the ingredient name as defined on the CloudTrigger app.

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