When somethings fails to work as expected on your device or with the mobile app, generally a response message will indiciate the source of the problem, such as whether it is an issue with connectivity or if the server is for some reason inaccessible.

However, if you run into problems that aren't immedicately clear, here are a few additional things you can try:

  • Ensure that your WiFi connection is working by connecting to it with your phone or computer and verify that the internet is still accessible.
  • Make sure that both device's firmware and the mobile app are up to date with the latest software versions.
  • Make sure your triggers are up to date with the latest configuration defined via the mobile app.
  • If a trigger to failing to run correctly from your device, check to see if you are able to run that same trigger directly from the mobile app.
  • If an server-side error occurs, which should generally be a very rare occurance, it may be a temporary server outage, in which case you may want to try again later.
  • Finally, if the above steps don't resolve your issue, you can also try resetting the device via the settings menu. Note that resetting your device will cause it to lose any assigned triggers.

If you have tried the above recommendations and are still running into problems, please let us know about the issue through our contact form.

Questions or Feedback?

If you have any additional questions about how CloudTrigger works, or suggestions on how we can improve our documentation, please reach out via our contact form.